The nameof the corporation shall be VOLUNTEERS IN PROBATION, INC. (“VIP, Inc.”); its main office shall be in San Diego, California.



The mission of VIP, Inc. is to provide assistance to offenders, at-risk youth and their families through community partnership and fundraising.  

Section 1:                  These by-laws establish the formalization of the Volunteers in Probation, Inc. and create an operational structure to conduct meetings and manage business activities for the corporation.

  • To assist      Probation staff by providing funds for the special needs of the      department’s clientele when such needs are not provided by public funds or      other available community resources,
  • To raise      funds that are to be used for the benefit of offenders and their immediate      family,
  • To      undertake activities and expend funds to recognize and encourage      volunteers to provide funds and services to persons under the jurisdiction      of the Probation Department.  

Section 2:                  To accept voluntary gifts of itemsor funds raised through the effortsof the VIP, Inc. Board ofDirectors.



Section 1:                  The VIP, Inc. Board of Directors shall meet at least 10 timesper year.

Section 2:                  There shall be an annual retreatheld between February 1 and March 31 each year for the purpose of evaluating the past year and planning forthe future.  An annual report indicating Disbursements & Changes in Net Assets from the previous 12 months will be presented at this time.  Written notice of the annual retreat shall be forwarded to each of the members of the Board of Directors and shall also be posted on the VIP website at least fourteendays prior to the meeting date. The staff attached to the Probation Volunteer office may also attend the retreat.

Section 3:                  Special meeting of the Directors may be called by the President as often asnecessary to review and conduct the affairs of the Corporation,or by the President upon presentation to him/her of a petition signed by at least three

(3) Directors.

Section 4:                  Fifty percent (50%) plus one of the voting members of the Board of Directors or the Chief’s designee will constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business.



Section 1:                  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of not more than twenty-six (24 voting,2 non-voting) persons; consisting of Probation staff and community members.


1) Chief Probation Officer or designee

2) Two from Juvenile Field Services

3) Two from Institutional Services

4) Two from Adult Field Services

5) Sixteen citizens from the Community

6) Secretary position from Probation Administration Center Administrative Secretary pool


1) Chief of Administrative Services

2) Treasurer from Probation Administration Center financial unit/principal accountant

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the management and direction forthe affairs of this Corporation.

Section 2:                  Community members may be nominatedby any existing Board Member,and after successfully passing a background check will become a member upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of theBoard, subject to approval by the Chief Probation Officer. Each member of the Board of Directors, except the Chief ProbationOfficer, and the non-voting members,shall serve for a term of three- years, expiringon the date of the third annual retreat following his/her appointment or until the appointmentof his/her successor, whichever is later.  Members may be reappointed following expiration of their term.  At each annual retreat, current board members who are about to reach their three year term, with their agreement, will be voted on for reappointment.

Section 3:                  Membership Termination:  Membership may be terminated with cause upon a motion from any member and a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting subject to review and approval by the Chief Probation Officer or designee.

Section 4:                  Resignation:  The resignation of a member may be made in writing or through a verbal notification to any executive board member.

Section 5:                  Any vacancy occurring in the membershipof the Board of Directors may be filled for the unexpired term by the Chief Probation Officer (CPO) of San Diego County in accordance with Section 2 of ArticleIV herein. After unexcusedabsences exceeding three (3) general meetings, the positionon the board may be subject to forfeitureat the discretion of the President subject to approval by the CPO. A written warning willbe given to an absent member after the second unexcused (no notification) missed meeting.

Section 6:                  At the annual retreat of the Boardof Directors as required by Section 1 of Article II herein, the Board of Directors shall elect, from among its members, the following officers: a President and a Vice- President.

Section 7:                  The Chief Probation Officer of San Diego County shallbe a voting member of the Board of Directors and is the appointing authority for the following non-voting members:

Section 7a:                

  • Chief of      Administrative Services
  • Treasurer      from Probation Administration Center financial unit/principal accountant      who holds the position of Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Section 8:                  The Executive Committee of the Board shall becomprised of the President, Vice- President, Immediate Past President, Chief Probation Officer or designee, Treasurer, Secretary.




Section 1:                  PRESIDENT: The President shall call and preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors. He/she shall also be responsible forplanning and conducting the annual retreat; for making reports to the members; for calling special meetings of the members, public relations, managing the VIP website and social media site(s).  The President may annually appoint standing committees to conduct the business of the Board. Committee Chairpersons must be Board Members;committee members may be Board Members or others. Such committees may include:

Membership/ Nominating Committee:  Duties may include presenting qualified nominees for membership; evaluating the participation of Board members, assessing Board membership needs before submitting nominations; annually recommendinga President and Vice-President.

Volunteer Committee: Duties may include planning, recruiting, tracking and initiating “volunteer” recognition events and coordinating the involvement of volunteers in Board fundraising events, also building a body of volunteers.

Fundraising Committee: Duties may include coordinating all Board sponsored fundraising events; working with Probation Department on any volunteergrant opportunity; and coordinating work with Volunteer Committee and Public Relations Committee.

Special Events Subcommittee:Duties may include supervising the financialaffairs of the board and formulating, with the approval of the Chief Probation Officer, financial operating policies for recommendation to the Board; and reviewing operating accounts.

Finance Committee: Duties mayinclude supervising the financial affairs of the board and formulating, with the approval of the Chief Probation Officer, financial operating policies for recommendation to the Board;and reviewing operating accounts.

Other Committees: The President shall have the power to appoint such standing or special committees as the Board may deem necessary and to designate their duties.

Section 2:                  POWERS OF COMMITTEES: Each committee may be 

authorizedby the Board to act for the Board inplanning, organizing and supervising the matters assigned to it, provided (i) all actions takenare consistent with policies previously determined or precedents established by the Board,and (ii) the committee may formulate for recommendation to the Board such new or revised policies, as may seemadvisable for more effective discharge of the duties assignedto it.

Section 3:                  VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice- President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence or inability to function.

Section 4:                  TREASURER: The Treasurer shall maintain all recordsof requests for funds and disbursement of funds, to be available for review by the Board of Directors.

Section 5:                  SECRETARY: The Secretary shall record and maintain a permanent file of the minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors. The Secretary shall also handle and maintain a file of all correspondence relative to the workof the organization.



Section 1:                  Except as otherwise provided in Section 66 of the Administrative Code of the County of San Diego,the Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the Corporation any contribution,gift, request, or devise for general purposes or for any specified purpose of the Corporation.

Section 2:                  All funds shall be deposited in a bank or trust fund accountto be disbursed as set forth in the following section.

Section 3:                  All requests for funds will be disbursed in accordance with policy established by the Boardof Directors.  Prior to any authorization of consideration of funds to be disbursed by a designated board member, the Treasurer will be contacted to determine if applicable funds are available.  Requests forfunds of up to $300 requirethe review of the requestor’ssupervisor and the approval of a Board member from the applicable service.  The form will then be sent to Accounting for processing, no additional signatures from the VIP board will be required.  Fund requests of $300 and above mustbe brought before the Board for consideration and approval.  After the approval of the $300 and above request, the President will sign the form to note approval by the Board.  All approvals by the Board at a Board meeting or vote by email will be documented at the next board meeting in the minutes.  The Treasurerevaluates each request, determines if funds are available, and authorizes the check(s) to be prepared. All expenditures are subject to review by a quorum of the Board of Directorsof this Corporation.

Section 4:                  The Chief of Probation or his/her designee is responsible for communicating Volunteers in Probation, Inc. policies and proceduresto Probation Department staff.




Section 1:                  Rob e r t’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically coveredby these by-laws.



Section 1:                  These by-laws will be reviewed at the annual retreat.  These by-laws maybe amended only by a majority of the voting members of the Board of Directors following posting of the proposed changes for period of (30) days on the VIP website.